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Rustlick EDM Oil EDM-500 High Performance-Synthetic
Rustlick EDM-500 offers a unique combination of high dielectric strength and low power factor and sets a new benchmark for Synthetic EDM fluid. Faster cutting, higher quality finish, shorter burn time and longer fluid life while improving health and safety for the operator are among the main benefits. Rustlick EDM-500 cosmetic-grade formula contains highly refined and purified non-hazardous chemicals that virtually eliminates skin irritation.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Resists thermal degradation from high-amperage applications;withstands up to 400 amps.
  • Can be used with all types of filters.
  • Good for use on all ferrous metals.
  • Good for use on aluminum, brass, bronze and copper.
  • Offers a greater resistance to electrode wear.
  • Is not classified as a flammable liquid per OSHA and DOT.
  • Low power factor reduces current leak through the fluid.
CharacteristicsApplicationsPhysical Properties

  • Cosmetic-grade formulation virtually eliminates skin irritation
  • Formulated from base chemicals so highly refined and purified that additional additives are not necessary. The result is faster cutting, higher quality finishes and longer fluid life.
  • Low viscosity for easy flushing
  • Virtually odorless
  • Transparent, fluorescent, blue-green fluid
  • Resist thermal degradation from high-amperage applications up to 400 amps
  • Low power factor means that unwanted current doesn't leak through the oil
  • High dielectric strength
  • Good for all types of filters
    • Allowable Burn Rate: 400 AMPS
    • Filter Compatibility: All types
    • Specific Gravity: 0.80 @ 25° F
    • Viscosity: 36.5 SSU @ 100°F (38°C); 3.17 cSt. @ 100°F (38°C)
    • Flash Point: 230° F 55
    • Dielectric Strength: 60KV
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