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Premium CVDD End Mills
(Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond)

CVDD is specialized manufacturing of super-hard diamond coated carbide cutting tools. The diamond coating is applied to inserts and other cutting tools in a chemical vapor deposition diamond or "CVDD" reactor. The CVDD diamond coating is pure diamond, with no metallic binder. A proprietary manufacturing process & specially designed reactors are utilized.

Advantages of CVDD

vs. Carbidevs. PCD

  • 10 to 25 Times Longer Life

  • Dimensional Stability

  • Higher Cutting Speeds

  • Less Down-Time for Cutter Changes Or Relocating because of Worn

  • Carbide Cutters.

  • 3-4 Flutes vs. 1 Edge

  • Single Piece Construction

  • Improved Finishes

  • Longer Flutes w/CVDD

Speed & Feed Chart

This chart is designed as a handy reference in establishing parameters for the application of End Mills on Milling Graphite.
Legend: R.P.M.- Revolution per Minute S.F.M. - Surface Feet per Minute
F.P.T.-Feed per Tooth (Feed per Cutting Edge/Flute)

End Mill Parameters for Graphite

End Mill DiameterApplication/ MillingR.P.M.S.F.M.F.P.T.
1/8"RoughFinish6,000 - 90,000 200 - 3,000 .001-.002.0005-.001
3/16"RoughFinish4,000 - 60,000 200 - 3,000 .001-.002.0005-.001
1/4"RoughFinish3,000 - 45,000 200 - 3,000 .002-.004.001-.002
5/16"RoughFinish2,500 - 37,000 200 - 3,000 .002-.004.001-.002
3/8"RoughFinish2,000 - 31,000 200 - 3,000 .003-.005.001-.003
1/2"RoughFinish1,500 - 23,000 200 - 3,000 .003-.005.001-.003

The above parameters are an "envelope" of recommendations. This envelope can be expanded to accommodate specific applications.
Additional Formulas: F.P.R. (Feed per Revolution)=F.P.T.x No. Of Teeth (Flutes)

Example: .012 F.P.R. = .003 F.P.T. x 4 (4 Flute End Mill) F.P.M. (Feed per Minute)= F.P.R. x R.P.M. 18" F.P.M. = .012 F.P.R. x 1500 R.P.M.

CVDD cutting tools are also available in metric endmills, inserts, Dapra, Millstar, Valenite & Widia by special order.

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