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Maxicut Customized Sinker EDM Machines
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Maxicut Sinker EDM Machine

Belmont's Custom Sinker Applications

Belmont can make the customized machine according to your needs

Defined as: a method of construction, installation, etc. whereby the contractor, installer, etc. assumes total responsibility from design through completion of the project.
Belmont brings years of practical EDM experience to our customers. We pride ourselves in providing cost effective, innovative solutions to keep you competitive in the global market place.
  • Our staff of EDM professionals meet with you to obtain a thorough understanding of your goals, objectives and budgetary constraints.
  • The right machine is selected for your job based on this understanding.
  • The part is analyzed to develop an efficient process flow.
  • All fixtures are designed and built for the part and/or machine.
  • The cutting technology and CNC programs are then developed to optimize the EDM process.
  • A complete integration of the system is verified to ensure part production requirements before the machine ships from our floor.
  • The system is delivered to your facility and installed by our team of qualified technicians.
  • Our technicians train your operators on the machine and control so they have a complete understanding of the machining process.
  • Your system's operation is verified to meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Belmont's full commitment to after-sale support to ensure continued productivity of the system.
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