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EDM Machined Plates EDM Machined Plates
EDM 150 Machined Plates
EDM 150 Machined Plates

EDM-150 scheduled to be discontinued and subject to availability.
EDM 200 Machined Plates
EDM 200 Machined Plates

  • Forging dies
  • Die cast dies
  • Large blow molds
  • High Quality roughing electrodes
  • Non-critical tolerance in larger electrodes
  • EDM 1 Machined Plates
    EDM 1 Machined Plates

  • Fabricating Electrodes with less intricate detail
  • Low wear roughing electrodes
  • Extrusion die relief cutting
  • High Detail roughing electrodes
  • Molds and dies
  • EDM 2 Machined Plates
    EDM 2 Machined Plates

  • Aerospace
  • Fine-detailed Electrodes
  • Extrusion dies
  • Minimum-taper-cavities
  • Blind cavity work
  • Threading Electrodes
  • EDM 3 Machined Plates
    EDM 3 Machined Plates

  • DMing of fine detailed electrodes
  • Punch & Die Sets
  • Plastic injection molds
  • Threading electrodes
  • Us in aerospace metal cutting
  • EDM 4 Machined Plates
    EDM 4 Machined Plates

  • EDMing of fine detailed electrodes requiring excellent surface finishes
  • Wire cut electrodes
  • lastic injection molds
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