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Aqua RBG EDM (Rust Inhibitor)
Aqua RBG EDM fluids are anti-corrosion additives formulated for the deionized water used in wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machines. It is important to remember that Aqua RBG EDM fluids must be added to water which does not contain any other additives. Use of Aqua RBG EDM fluids in conjunction with other corrosion inhibitors could cause resin depletion. For best results, change water before first usage of Aqua RBG EDM.

Aqua RBG EDM Fluids:
  • Are designed to have no affect on the conductivity of the water.
  • Protect all materials.
  • Are non-hazardous and biodegradable.
  • Do not affect the water deionizing systems.
  • Helps flushing of the spark gap, which improves accuracy.


Shake container well before use. The recommended Aqua RBG EDM usage is one part to every 300 parts of water, however, the best ratio should be determined through a field trial. For better mixing, the Aqua RBG EDM fluids should be premixed in water and then added to the water tank.
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   Aqua RBG EDM (Rust Inhibitor)
Aqua RGB EDM (Rust Inhibitor)

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