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POCO's premier offering in the Ultrafine classification. This highly isotropic grade combines extraordinary strength with moderate hardness, yielding superior electrode fabrication characteristics. The consistency of EDM-4 also makes it an excellent choice for highly detailed wire cut electrodes. EDM-4 is reasonably priced, making it the cost performance leader for most applications requiring a high quality Ultrafine graphite. EDM-4 is the ideal choice for jobs requiring excellent machinability, low electrode wear & smooth surface finishes.

  • Avg. Grain Size: 4 Micron
  • Hardness: 76 Shore
  • Flex Strength: 15,800 psi
  • Resistivity: .00050 ohm/in.
  • Maximum Block Size: 4" x 12" x 40"
  • Method of Manufacture: Molded

*all flex strength is tested on a 4 point scale for true flex strength.
Pre-Ground Blank 3" Lengths
Pre-Ground Blank 3" Lengths

Pre-Ground Blank 4" Lengths
Pre-Ground Blank 4" Lengths

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