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3R-468.31-S Kits
3R-468.31-S Kit

3R-405.11Drawbar, MacroJunior 5
3R-405.16Drawbar, Macro 5
3R-460.31-5Manual Table Chuck 1
3R-465-LHolder, MacroJunior 2
3R-465-VHolder, MacroJunior 2
3R-491Holder, MacroJunior 30
3R-651.7-SReference Element, Macro 54 x 54 mm 6
3R-656.1Check Ruler 1
3R-658.1-SInternediate Plate Macro 54x54 mm2
3R-658.2-SHolder, Macro 54x54 mm 2
3R-658.4-SHolder, Macro 54x54 mm 2
3R-333-T20Screwdriver, TORX 1
3R-PI4.5x14TORX Screw 100
3R-414-04Torque Wrench, 4Nm 1

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