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The Equipment Consumables group has a long and productive history in the field of EDM. Mr. Ping Ianitelli, one of the original pioneers of EDM in the U.S., founded Belmont in 1960. He distributed Gentrode-10, one of the first premium quality graphites. Ping had helped General Electric develop this unique material for the EDM process. Belmont then became a distribution source of the material. Today, the development and distribution of quality EDM products is considered routine at Belmont. In 1967, Belmont joined the Entegris | POCO Materials team when they recognized the need for an innovative, high quality graphite that could be utilized for applications that were previously unthinkable for EDM. Today we still distribute Entegris | POCO Materials for the same reason. Belmont has been the World’s Largest Entegris | POCO Materials Graphite Distributor over the last 6 years.

In the early 80’s Belmont began distributing OKI EDM wire products. OKI was the first premium quality wire for wire EDM machines and is still used as a measurement of quality today. Belmont is undisputed as the World’s Largest Distributor of OKI EDM wire products.

The Technologies group, previously known as the “Filtration” or “Machine Tool” group, has been in business since 1979. From its inception, we devoted ourselves to R & D and in 1985 we began marketing the Astec EDM drill. We worked hard to have this new type of EDM drilling considered an accepted third method of EDM. Today we are second to none in our application and engineering background to support this market.

Due to increasing requests by our customers to expand our machine tool line, we researched and tested different EDM sinker machines from 1990-1996 with a minimum of 2 years of testing on the same product for longevity purposes. We chose a manufacturer who was willing to be as flexible with us as we are with our customers. We developed what we feel is the best quality, reasonably priced, EDM sinker on the market today.

Although we have carried varied products over the years the one constant remains the same, we give our customers our decades of experience and the best products and service we have to offer.

When you need support or advice, Belmont gives you 50 years of EDM knowledge and experience through the Cleary EDM Group.

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